Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hello Again

Freak, it's been a long time. I have been feeling too lazy to update. Well, I was looking at older posts and it made me realize how nice it is to have everything written down like a journal, so I'm back on the blog wagon.
Life has been sooo good and a little crazy. Greg got a new job at, which he loves. It is such a relief to have him in a nice, stable job with insurance. It is such a blessing.
We have moved out of our apartment into Greg's mom's old house and have begun building a home in Lehi, which we will hopefully be moving into in November. We are so excited to finally have our own place. We are not excited, however, about a mortgage. Oh well, I guess it kinda comes with the territory of owning a home.
Liv is now 1 1/2 and couldn't be more fun. She is my best little buddy. I laugh at her all day and just love spending time with her. She has started talking more and more, but her favorite word continues to be "No". A few of her new words are: Happy, Buds, Ni Night, Nice, Mommy, Dadee, Bum Bob (Sponge Bob), Mi Mouse (Mickey Mouse), Mimi (Mini Mouse), Poo Poo, Pee Pee, and PEEESE (please), just to name a few. She's even started putting some words together like, "Dadee no me" (Greg told her not to ride a yard stick naked) and "Down me" (when she wants to get out of her high chair). She is also a dancing machine. Every time she hears music, she can't help but dance. Her favorite song, however, is "Boom Boom Pow" by the Black Eyed Peas, which I can't stand to listen to, but every time we get in the car she says "boom boom" and I can't resist those big eyes, so I turn it on and she rocks out.
Well, that's it for us right now, but hopefully I won't be lazy anymore and I'll stay up to date. Here's some pics of what we've been up to:

Disneyland March

Hangin' in St. George April

Hurrican 1/2 marathon April

Good Things Utah with the Holmstead girls

Taylor Swift with Alex and Alyson

Best Buds! Liv and Zoe

Alpine Slide May


Farley.Tina.Colee said...

Good to see you guys are still alive. Olivia is getting so big.

Lindsey said...

Welcome back! I heard you came to visit our lake in the backyard today. I'm sad I wasn't home!

Anonymous said...

Why hello! I about died when I heard that Olivia was riding a yard stick naked. haha I am not sure why she was doing that or why she thought that sounded like a fun activity, but I laughed so hard.

Amy said...

Wow, you're back! I love that picture of Liv on the trike, so cute! We need to hang out again before we are in our houses and can't afford anything, lol!