Sunday, September 28, 2008


I AM...
*I am....sitting on the couch with Greg counting down until Desperate Housewives starts! (Embarrassing, I know!)
*I think....Olivia's getting another tooth!
*I breath stinks right now (cause Greg just kindly informed me. How sad)
*I move into a house soon!
*I have....The funniest little girl ever!
*I miss.....Sleeping in. This a luxury you don't have once you have a child.
*I fear....we're going to live in "little mexico" forever.
*I feel...Hungry! I started Weight Watchers AGAIN about a week ago! (Hopefully I can last longer this time than I have in the past)
*I hear....The High School Musical cast singing a commercial on T.V.
*I crave....Cafe Rio pork salad. It's my new addiction.
*I cry....about everything. I'm such an emotional basketcase!
*I search...for sales and promo codes on the internet all the time lately.
*I wonder....if we will be able to afford a house when Greg graduates. (can you tell that this is about all I think about lately?)
*I regret....not traveling before we had Olivia. (Same as Myken)
*I wish....I lived in American Fork. I want to be closer to my family.
*I love....having such a close family. I have so many good memories of family.
*I care....way too much about what people think. I need to get over that fast.
*I too much. Sometimes I think Greg gets sick of hearing me, but bless his heart he would never tell me that. He just listens and responds like a good husband should.
*I worry....about the trials Olivia will have to face as she gets older. I can't imagine what things will be like in High School by the time she's that old.
*I am not....excited about going grocery shopping tomorrow.
*I remember....all of the fun times Lacey and I had in High School. We were inseparable, and we had a blast!
*I believe....that it's important to be a good example to Olivia. I want to teach her to be a good person.
*I sing....Jonas Brothers nonstop. How sad and embarrassing. Don't think less of me!
*I am not always....right, though I would like to be.
*I argue....with Greg about going to bed so early. He wants to turn in at like 9, and I'm ready to party!
*I write....reminders for myself on the calender. I wish I could say something more interesting.
*I lose....sleep when Olivia's getting a tooth. She wakes up in the middle of the night cause her mouth hurts!
*I music all the time. I love music!
*I don't we are going to live forever. That seems like a REALLY long time.
*I can usually be home, or at Nordstrom. I love that place. Don't worry, I'm not usually buying things, but I like to go in there and look around. A girl can dream, right?
*I need....exercise more. I need to be more positive about myself.
*I forget....everything. I'm quite forgetful.
*I am happy....being a mom. I love it. I'm also happy when I'm with my family.

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