Saturday, June 21, 2008

Hello San Diego...

We just got back from a fabulous vacation to Solana Beach, California with my family. We had so much fun and made so many awesome memories. We stayed in a beach house that was right by the beach. We went to Sea World, Legoland, The San Diego County Fair, hung by the pool, and played on the beach. We also ate everything that we could get our hands on. A frequent comment that was heard during the vacation was, "I'm ill". This was after about every meal because we all ate way too much. But it's vacation. What do you expect?

Olivia and I with the Sea Lions
Alex and I, enough said.Olivia and Ellie. How funny is Ibby's face?

Greg, Olivia, and I at the Shamu Rocks show. Olivia loved the lights and the music. She just sang and laughed the whole time. It was so cute.
Matt wanted to sit on the front row at the Shamu show, so he brought a garbage bag and headed down while we all sat far away from where we could get wet. This picture is my favorite because he didn't know I was taking it, and he looks like the hulk as he rips his garbage bag off after the show.
Alex and I playing some mad volleyball on the beach. Good times.

This is mini land at Legoland. It's so cute. They have created all of these cool places completely out of legos. There's Las Vegas, New York, New Orleans, and San Francisco, just to name a few. Here's the girls. Mom, me, Alex, Myken, and Ellie in front of New York.
Alex and I in front of the MGM Grand in Fabulous Las Vegas.
Greg, Olivia and I on the lego camel
Here I am boogie boarding at Mission Beach. Alex made fun of my face in this picture. She said, "It's not like your cheesing it just for the picture. This is what your face looked like every time you caught a wave. You are so excited and pleased with yourself for catching a wave."
This is the hole that Greg worked so hard to dig while we were at the beach. He's still sore from digging it. Here he is with Ellie basking in his hard work.
Our little family at the beach

This is our dinner! I have never had lobster and was shocked when I saw it. It looks like it could crawl right off the plate.
Myken and I trying to balance out our eating with some P90X. We're working our butts off!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Little Easton!

On Monday, my sister Marshelle had her 4th baby. He is the cutest little boy. He weighed 9 lbs. and was 18 inches long. He's a chubby little thing. He is such a blessing. We were so worried that he was going to have heart surgery right after he was born, but after much fasting and prayer he was born healthy and strong. He doesn't need any surgery. He is perfectly normal. He is such a testament of the power of fasting and prayer. What a miracle.

Easton and his proud uncle, Greg
How cute is this little guy?

While Marsh was at the Hospital, delivering Easton, Greg and I were able to watch her kids. Ellie and Zoe came too. We had so much fun. We played baseball, crazy golf, skateboarded, watched Tarzan, and jumped on the tramp. It was a fun, but exhausting day. I have a new respect for mothers with more than one child. It is a lot of work. I thought Olivia was a handful.
Cute cousins hanging out at Marsh's house!

Sunday, June 1, 2008


This just in...

I can no longer do a back handspring on the ground without causing some serious bodily harm to myself. I was at my mom's tonight and thought that I would display my mad skills by doing some tumbling moves on the grass. Greg warned that I haven't stretched out in years and was no longer as limber as I used to be but I wanted to prove him wrong! So, I whipped out a roundoff back handspring and caused some serious pain to my elbow. But, I landed it and still have my pride, although I had to ice my elbow the rest of the night.

Alex said she was gonna blog about it to make fun of me, but I beat her to it!