Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's been awhile!

Here are some random pics of what we've been up to...

Just loving the tub! This picture kills me. Liv looks drunk!
This girls will climb on anything! My life consists of making sure that this maniac doesn't get hurt!Helping dad shovel the walks. I can't wait for it to warm up cause Liv loves being outside so much!
These two are best buddies!
This one is for you Goldie. Here's my long hair. Don't mind if it is coming out tomorrow. I'm the worst. I only lasted a month.
Playing with Zoe at the Lehi pool. She loved this place.
Look at that face! She couldn't be happier!


Amy said...

Kels, I love your long hair, don't take it out!!! Darling pics! Love the one of Olivia in the tub, darling!

Anonymous said...

Excuse me?! Taking it out? You are crazy. That didn't last long. I never even got to see it in person. I really like it though. Why the quick removal? What I would give for hair even past my chin!!! Olivia looks so old in all these pictures.

Allyson said...

darling post but i have one main concern...Alex fully removed our video from youtube and her blog!!! she doesn't want people to see it! but i just wanted to see how many hits and comments we could get on YouTube! AH! we need to get her to put it back on...and if she thinks me and you are removing it from our blogs then she has another thing coming! hahaha

Michael & Mindy said...

Hey! I somehow randomly stumbled on your blog and was so excited to find it! How are you guys doing? I didn't even know you were moving until you were already gone, Karlee and I miss visiting with you every month! Hope you're doing well!