Wednesday, August 5, 2009

4th Anniversary

Four years ago on August 6, 2005, Greg and I were married! Let me say, it has gone by so dang fast! What a wild ride. We have definitely had our ups and downs, but it has been wonderful! Not to get all cheesy and sappy, but I love my husband so much. He is such and amazing husband, father, provider, and person. I am so lucky to have him. So, Happy anniversary to us! Wohoo!


Amy said...

CONGRATS!! Time sure flies, doesn't it? You guys are awesome, have a great little get away!

Amy said...

Happy Day to you guys! So good to see you for 5 seconds on friday, wished we would have hung a little more. Did you guys do anything fun for your anniversary??

Hey, seriously are you sending me those pics or what??? Jake is dying to see how cool it was! Get on it would ya? Hee Hee