Thursday, November 13, 2008


I was so excited when it finally got cold enough for me to bust this bad boy out! Now, when I say "bad boy" I'm referring to this sweet one piece pj suit! It was a gift last year for Christmas and I just love it! It might not be attractive, but it's so cozy, and how awesome is it that I can be twinners with my 10 month old daughter! Ha Ha. Anyways, eat your hearts out!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy Halloween and Happy Birthday to Greg

On Halloween, we went up to Marsh's for chili and trick-or-treating. We didn't end up taking Olivia out because it was raining, but we still had a blast! Olivia loved wearing her costume. She thought it was so funny, especially when she would catch a glimpse of herself in the mirror! It was so funny and so fun to experience her first Halloween. She was the cutest poodle I've ever seen.

Also on Sunday, was Greg's 25th birthday! He got Guitar Hero World Tour from his mom, and he has had the time of his life playing it. Even Olivia has gotten in on the action! She loves to sit and pound on the drums with dad! Happy Birthday Greg! We love you!