Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sweet Alex

This is a tribute to my sweet sister Alex. On Monday she was rollerblading and didn't see a big bump in the road. She proceeded to face plant and injured her arm. She went to the doctor's to find out that she had broken her elbow! She is now in a sling and struggles to do anything. It's quite funny! Here's to Alex and getting her back up on her rollerblades! Love ya Al!


Lacey said...

oh boy, we are all quite the concerns. Don't think we had have just a simple evening, without some kind of adventure! Nope, not with the Bizzles! I just can't wait to get us all out there RB! This summer is going to be so much fun.

Amy said...

I know I saw Alex the other night and just started laughing because I had read Lacey's and knew exactly what had happened, sweet thing. She was funny, she kept saying I wish it would have been because I was being heroic saving somebody or something, you gotta love Alex.