Wednesday, May 7, 2008

St. George Take 2

This last weekend we went to St. George with my mom, Doug, Alex, McCall, Myken and her fam, Nick, Suzy, Macie, Rex, and Mabel. We had so much fun. The weather was beautiful. We were able to hang out by the pool and I worked on my tan, although, my results weren't so promising. At least my legs don't glow anymore. Alex, McCall, and I had so much fun rollerblading. We went on the golf course trail and it was a riot. There were some steep hills to go up and cruise down. We were all out of control on the downhill stuff. We couldn't stop. I thought I was going down, but luckily I didn't. The same can't be said for McCall. I turned around and she was down and out. It was hilarious. The second day we were there, Greg, Alex, McCall, Olivia, and I went to Las Vegas to shop. I was so excited to go to H&M, and it didn't disappoint. They had the cutest stuff and the prices were amazing. It was so fun. Alex and McCall are a laugh a minute. Funny story, we were at the mall in Vegas, and we were all starving. There was no food court, so we ended up at the California Pizza Kitchen after determining that it was the least expensive restaurant there. We sat down and checked out the menu as our waiter brought us drinks. Come to find out that everything was more expensive than it is here. We would've rather spent money on clothes than food, so we all looked at each other and decided to take off. It was so embarrassing. I guess we weren't high class enough to be at that mall.
It was a nice relaxing trip. We had a blast, and it was so fun to be with my fam. It's always a good time with them.


Colby & Britney said...

ha ha i can totally picture McCall down on the ground! what a sight! Colby and I are heading down there next weekend and i can't wait!

Amy said...

Sounds like so much fun, I told Myken next time the Murphy's are coming to get in on the good time. I'm so jealous you were all there. Love the pic of you 3 hot mama's roller blading, minus McCall who's probably on the ground in that pic huh? Too fun

Lacey said...

I am so glad you had a great time. We need to take a girls trip down there sometime, and do a little more shopping, and we are definitely going rollerblading soon. McCall and Alex really are so funny, and I so wish I could have been there to walk out of the restaurant with you. That is so dang funny.

By the way thanks so much for the other day, I also had such a great time, we will totally do that more often and thanks for being there to talk to, I can always count on you. Love ya

Anonymous said...

So fun! I am, however, sad to hear that you have replaced me as your St. George rollerblading buddy. Seriously, how many laps did we take around the road at the old condo? I am sure that it is in the 100,000!! We did that for hours. I am glad that you can say that you didn't eat it. Impressive.