Friday, May 9, 2008

Our PROBLEM Child!?!?!?!

Olivia has issues! Some of these issues are starting to show more and more over the last few weeks. We were hoping that we wouldn't have a problem child, but we do. Here are the two biggest things we have to deal with on a daily basis.

Irregular Sleeping

I swear that her sleeping couldn't be any more irregular for a 4 month old baby! On average she has been sleeping about 9.5-10 hours per night, with no interruptions. Most mornings, she sleeps in longer than I do. Kelsey has sure trained her well. She loves her bed so much. The other night, I was watching the Jazz game and Kelsey brought Olivia in to lay by me before she went to bed. As soon as she laid her down, she started crying. We took her right to bed, she stopped crying and was out within two minutes. Truly amazing!

Serious Attitude Problem

I have never seen a happier baby in the entire world. She will smile at anyone who will look at her. Her smile couldn't be cuter because it is so huge and she sticks her tongue out at the same time. Over the past week she has started to squeal when she smiles and gets excited. It is so freaking funny and cute!

All in all, Olivia is a really good girl. I couldn't have asked for a better baby. Hopefully she keeps things up and doesn't turn into a nightmare child. She is just so awesome!


Elk Hunting New Mexico said...

she must have gotten the good attitude from her mom, right Shuey?

Lacey said...

Olivia really is such a good baby, and the fact that she is so darling helps out quite a bit. She has the cutest little personality. You are two lucky parents.

Amy said...

Ok no fair that she sleeps that good, you guys really are so dang lucky. How cute that she sticks her tongue out, now you need to take pics and let us all see.

Lewis.Muriel.Ollie said...

Man I hope that my babies all turn out to be that good! She is one cute baby!