Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kade's First Haircut

Kade had about 5 long hairs on top of his head and a sweet mullet, so I had to give him a haircut the other night. I just had to post this picture because it's too cute!

Brother and Sister

There is nothing I love more than watching Liv love her brother. She wants to include him in everything she does. I mean, sure, she wants to put her feet on his face, hug too tight, and just torment him sometimes, but she really loves him! And Kade really loves his sister. He lights up when he sees her in the morning and loves snuggling her in mom and dad's bed. What a rewarding sight to watch your kids love one another!

Liv and Kade in her car seat box. She really thought he would enjoy being in there because she did!

She couldn't wait to put Kade in the fort she built. They were both in heaven!

Liv really wanted to share her books and toys with Kade. She also made sure he looked cute by putting her clip in his hair! So funny!

Summer Time and the Livin' is Easy!

I love summer! Here are some pics of the fun things we've been doing now that the weather is warm!

Kade and Dad enjoying the Steel Day's fireworks. Kade absolutely loved it. He sat like this the whole time and didn't make a peep!

Liv snuggling Matt while watching the fireworks. This poor inflatable couch was flat by the time the fireworks were over! How uncomfortable do these 3 look?

Liv's first ride on the Magic Carpet at the carni. She looked like she might cry at first, then laughed the rest of the time. This was her favorite ride, by far! She made Greg take her back to ride it with her! What a brave girl!

Greg and Liv 4-wheeling at Bear River Lodge! They had such a blast!

Liv tubing down the creek in Cedar Hills! She played in this creek for hours with her cousins. So fun!

Tubing with Carson and Ellie

Kade taking a nap while his cousins played in the creek. I wish I could fall asleep anywhere like this little guy!

Liv and Zoe at Aunt Marsh's end of school year party

Liv & Zoe Doing Flips Off The Couch

Need I say more?

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Liv's Dance

I know we already posted a video of Liv's dance recital, but here's a few cute pics.

Day Out With Thomas

On Friday night our little family and our friends, the James', went to Day out with Thomas in Heber. Olivia thought it was the greatest thing ever. She just loved it! We rode Thomas (the Heber Creeper), played mini golf, got Thomas tattoos, played with Thomas train sets, and got pictures taken with Sir Topham Hat and Thomas. It was so fun to watch what a great time she was having. I just love being a mom and watching my kids have fun and seeing them happy. There's nothing better!

Hangin' with Thomas! Notice Liv is in costume as Jake! Haha.

Liv and her little friend, Maddie riding Thomas!

They didn't want to get too close to Sir Topham Hat. Can you blame them?

How cute are these two buddies?


Olivia is obsessed with the show "Jake and the Neverland Pirates" on the Disney channel right now. She wants to watch it every morning. Well, Jake wears a bandanna around his head, so Olivia has been wearing one for almost a week now and will not take it off. She sleeps in it, wears it to the store, and even wanted to wear it to church (I had to put my foot down there and tell her it wasn't reverent to wear bandannas to church, to which she agreed). If I call her Olivia she says, "No mom. I'm Jake". So, needless to say, I and everyone else has been calling her Jake since last Tuesday. It's quite hilarious! She even wants Kade to be a pirate!

My two pirates! Isn't this the cutest thing you've ever seen?