Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Brother and Sister

There is nothing I love more than watching Liv love her brother. She wants to include him in everything she does. I mean, sure, she wants to put her feet on his face, hug too tight, and just torment him sometimes, but she really loves him! And Kade really loves his sister. He lights up when he sees her in the morning and loves snuggling her in mom and dad's bed. What a rewarding sight to watch your kids love one another!

Liv and Kade in her car seat box. She really thought he would enjoy being in there because she did!

She couldn't wait to put Kade in the fort she built. They were both in heaven!

Liv really wanted to share her books and toys with Kade. She also made sure he looked cute by putting her clip in his hair! So funny!


Alexis Hansen said...

NO way!!! Kelsey he is so big!!! And so dang cute! I cannot believe it! They are both soo cute!