Saturday, January 22, 2011

Family Vacation - Snowbird 2011

Each year during the third week in January we head up to Snowbird for a family vacation. While there we swim, ski, and spend many hours of lounging around the condo.

Greg and Liv went skiing a few times and she is getting really good. Here is a video of her and Greg on Chickadee. This year she started skiing along side Greg instead of being in between his legs.

Here is a video of Liv skiing all by herself on the bunny hill. She is an animal!

Here are some pictures of our trip as well.

This is Liv and Maddie snuggling in bed watching Monsters Inc.

As you can see, Liv is pretty excited to head out skiing for the first time this season.

Liv and Greg posing for a pict before heading out in the rain to ski.

Liv and Greg riding the "magic carpet" to the top of the bunny hill.

Liv skiing all by herself on the bunny hill.

Liv and Greg riding the lift to the top of Chickadee.

Liv and Greg after their first run of the day.


Bret and Ashlee said...

What a fun vacation! liv is so cute-I can't believe she is skiing! She looks so cute on those little ski's. I hope all is well! Miss ya

Lindsey said...

AWESOME! How cool is a skiing 3 year old? So cool! I love it!