Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Liv's First Dance Concert

Tonight was Olivia's first dance concert. She actually did really well considering she was very distracted during class the last few weeks and didn't really participate much during practice time.

As you can see, about half way through she spotted her dad and just started pointing at him.

It was so fun! We love our Livvy so much!


Lindsey said...

That was THE cutest and most hilarious thing that I have EVER seen! Livvy did so great! She is adorable! You must be SO PROUD!

Adam and Julie said...

She is so darling!

Amy said...

Okay so try being the mom to the only girl there that doesn't even twirl when they all twirl.....seriously where did I go wrong??? (She did happen to fall asleep on the way there so that's kind of an excuse right???) They all look ADORABLE, so fun that they are in the same class. Ibby's is the cutest little thing ever!!

Leesa said...

look how big little liv is getting!! she is so stinking adorable!
i hope all is well with you guys!! i think about you all the time!!