Sunday, July 27, 2008

Summer Time!

I haven't posted any pics for a long time. I guess you could say I've been a little lazy. Here's some pictures of what we've been up to lately...

Uncle Bri put all of Grandma Shuey's beany babies in Olivia"s pack 'n play. She was in heaven!
For the 4th of July Me, Greg, Ibbs, Myken, and her kids went to Chili's, then went to Marsh's to watch fireworks. Olivia was mesmerized by the fireworks. She sang and talked the whole time she watched them.
Here's Olivia meeting Aunt Lacey's dog, Ziggy. She loved it, and Ziggy loved her. He wanted to climb all over her and eat her pony tail. It was hilarious!
Greg and I took Olivia up to Bridal Veil Falls. She loves being outside and hearing water. She just stares at it and sings!
For the 24th, Greg, Olivia, and I went and spent the whole day at Myken's! We did the big water slide, swam in the pool, and did a BBQ. It was a fun day! Greg didn't want to leave. Myken may have thought that we were gonna move right in her house! Good times!

Greg loves the water slide. He's like a little boy! He looks a little too big for it though!
Check out Zoe's soggy diaper! She looked like a little wadling duck when she walked!Olivia lounging in the pool! She loved this tube!It's been a fun summer so far! It's been nice having Greg out of school for a minute. I can't wait til December when he's finished! We've been having so much fun with Olivia. She gets more fun and funny every day! Not to sound cheesy, but, being a mom really is the greatest job ever!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Regulators - It All Began In 2001

In the year of 2001 the Regulators were born. Today, the legend lives on!

The sad thing is, this is how our jerseys fit back in the day.

Ibby loves the new addition to her wardrobe. It actually almost fits her.

The Regulators were the best intramural basketball team to every grace the basketball courts of Orem High School. Our team consisted of some of my best friends. Jeff Carn, Jesse Ward, Greg Williams, Spencer Blackwell, Golden Thomas, Brandon Egbert, Wayne Farnsworth, Aaron Eaquinto, and Ryan Arthur.

Our coaching staff consisted of Jeff Maughan, Alex Coombs, Jeff Cowley, Andy Evans, Mike Morgan, and a bunch of other dudes who coached when they felt like it.

We should have been champs in 2001, owning the best winning record in the entire school. We were sadfully dismissed early in the playoffs. However, in 02, we had our revenge taking the championship in front of the entire school.

I wish the best to all my brethren in whatever they may be doing today!

The Regulators will forever live on in my heart!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Why So Serious?

Last night we went to see Batman! It was hands down the best movie we have ever seen. I won't go into too much detail because I would hate to spoil it for those who are still going to see it.

Heath Ledgers performance as the Joker was the best part of the whole movie. He was down right amazing and sucked you right into his character and craziness! Christian Bale as always was great as the Dark Knight. Every minute of this movie was jam packed with action and left you on the edge of your seat.

I'm done before I say too much... Just go see it if you haven't yet or if you aren't planning on seeing it till it comes out on video. I hear that IMAX is the way to watch it, so try for that if you can.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Our Latest and Greatest Adventure

Since Kels is getting lazy with the blog, I thought I would jump on this morning and let everyone know what we have been up to.

We have spent the last week on a little adventure over to Doug and Lori's house to watch over our dear Alex while her parents were on their cruise. This was an unplanned and very unexpected trip, but it couldn't have been more fun!

During our adventures, we found that we had some friends to hang out with. Our first night, we stayed up till about 2am chillin with Alex, a few of her friends, Lacey, and Bean. Bean and I mostly stayed out side playing crazy golf throwing the balls over the hedges from the upper backyard to the lower backyard. It was quite challenging, but very fun!

A few nights ago, Goldie, Chase, and the Jaxter came over to visit and hang out. It has been awhile since we have hung out with them and it was so fun! Orem to Highland is a long drive so we don't get together that often and since we were in AF, it was time to PARTY!

I think we were also visited by Myken, Ellie, and Zoe almost every day which was awesome! We love those two little girls, even though Zoe can be down right mean to you sometimes. It was fun, we had a lot of good laughs, and we painted a lot of fingernails!

The best part of our little adventure was how much Olivia loved being surrounded by so many people who love her and smother her with attention. She started this cute little growl that she does whenever she sees Alex. I think that Alex and Olivia really bonded over the last week. As always, she loves all the attention that Ellie and Zoe gave her.

We are having a really fun summer, which is exactly what I need before going into my last semester of school this fall. It's been so great to spend so much time with my two girls and I love them so much!