Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Regulators - It All Began In 2001

In the year of 2001 the Regulators were born. Today, the legend lives on!

The sad thing is, this is how our jerseys fit back in the day.

Ibby loves the new addition to her wardrobe. It actually almost fits her.

The Regulators were the best intramural basketball team to every grace the basketball courts of Orem High School. Our team consisted of some of my best friends. Jeff Carn, Jesse Ward, Greg Williams, Spencer Blackwell, Golden Thomas, Brandon Egbert, Wayne Farnsworth, Aaron Eaquinto, and Ryan Arthur.

Our coaching staff consisted of Jeff Maughan, Alex Coombs, Jeff Cowley, Andy Evans, Mike Morgan, and a bunch of other dudes who coached when they felt like it.

We should have been champs in 2001, owning the best winning record in the entire school. We were sadfully dismissed early in the playoffs. However, in 02, we had our revenge taking the championship in front of the entire school.

I wish the best to all my brethren in whatever they may be doing today!

The Regulators will forever live on in my heart!


Anonymous said...

That picture of Olivia is awesome. She like smiled for the camera! As for the way that jersey fits...i'll just keep my mouth shut on that one! :)

Greg, Amy, and Ella said...

One word.... AMAZING! I will definitely agree with you stating that we were the best intramurals team to ever LIVE. We owe it all to our awesomeness and the awesomeness there of. We need to get the old team back together and throw down on some hoops sometime. Love the jersey on you man, its as awesome as it was the day they came out of the washer with pink dye on. Regulators forever Sticks, Regulators forever. Love, Thug Luv (GWill)

Jesse & McKenzie said...

Jesse just saw this post and LOVED it! I just recently heard about the "Regulators" and all the memories of you crazy boys! He agrees with Greg that the team should get together. I am going to have to have Jesse dig up that sweet jersey and try it on for size!

Anonymous said...

Um - just to make sure I understand - your intramural team wore size 6mo pink tankies? could I see the shorts you wore with this ensamble so I can get the full picture please? Greg, fa real, you're bringing SEXY BACK! And great picks of Olivia! Macie asks almost every weekend when we can go see baby Olivia again!