Monday, April 14, 2008

Some Funny Pics!

Lace, this one's for you! Aunt Lace made Liv these cute little booties. They looked so darling and funny on her, so I had to get a picture.

Greg was taking his ski racks off, so he put Ibby in her boppy and put her on the roof of his car (supervised, of course)! It was bright out, so we had to get her shades. She was so confused about what was covering her eyes. It was hilarious!

This one speaks for itself!


Amy said...

Oh my, Olivia looks just as beautiful as ever on her blessing day. What a great day for you guys, and you look adorable, love the dress. Add pics all the time of your cute little one, honestly I can't get enough, she's just precious.

Lacey said...

Those pics are so cute. Her blessing was so great, she is so special! I love her shades. She looks so dang cute, and those booties i have to say look pretty cute on little olivia. It was so great to hang out with you and Olivia yesterday. I loved it.

Colby & Britney said...

Kels i didn't know you had a blog... thanks for the comment! i did see a pic of your baby on GOldie's... and she is so dang darling! i love her i want to see her in person soon! i hope you are loving being a mommy! now we can keep i touch! love ya

Suzy said...

Remember me? By sheer happenstance, I stumbled across your profile and I can't believe you have a baby! She's so cute, and I love the name Olivia. I hope all is going well with you. Good luck with her.


KRISTAN said...

It has been forever!! Your little girl is so so cute, i need to see her!! We should plan to go out to lunch for something??? You look so great! I'm really happy for you and your fam!