Monday, April 14, 2008

Olivia's Blessing

Greg, Olivia, and I before her blessing.
Yesterday, Olivia was blessed. Greg gave a beautiful blessing, even though he was extremely nervous. After the blessing, we went over to my mom's house for a brunch. The Holmsteads and Greg's family were there. It was so fun to see everyone. It's wonderful to have so much support from friends and family. We are so lucky.
Olivia got to play with her buddy, Jax! They are so cute together. He is so smiley and such a talker, and Olivia is a mover and a shaker. They are just night and day. It was so fun to lay them next to each other and see there cute little personalities.
It was just a great day. I couldn't be happier with life! I have a beautiful, healthy baby, an incredible, sweet husband, and a supportive, loving family. I'm a lucky girl!Check these two out! They are the best!

New moms! Goldie and I with our adorable babies!


Anonymous said...

Cute! These two together seriously are the best. I love it. Who would have thought that the 2 girls who sang Heal the World" on the swingset, played for hours inside Fred Meyer, and made trips to Little Ceasars just for the breadsticks would ever be successful moms?! haha

Austin & Andrea said...

Okay--that is the absolute cutest picture of you and your family at the blessing!! You look gorgeous!