Monday, September 28, 2009

St. George with Myken and the Girls

This last weekend Olivia and I got to go down to St. George with my sister Myken and her two girls Ellie and Zoe. It was such a fun trip. We were able to relax as well as swim, go to the dollar store (the kids love it!), go to TJ Maxx, ride scooters, watch movies, take the kids to Fiesta Fun, and eat way too much. We had such a good time. Liv has so much fun with Ellie and Zoe and I just love spending time with Myken. She is such a wonderful sister and friend. We shared many laughs and good times. I'm already missing her. I feel so blessed to have 3 amazing sisters that I am so close with.
While I was gone sweet Greg was a little bored, bless his heart. He was kind enough to clean the whole house. What a great thing to come home to. Thanks Greggy.

At the dollar store the girls tried on these hideous masks! Olivia thought it was so hilarious. She was walking around scaring Myken and the girls. So funny.

Snuggling and watching a movie

Mini Golfing at Fiesta fun