Saturday, October 25, 2008

Havin Fun In The Sun!

While all of our friends were freezing their bums off last week, we were playing in St. George! It was Greg's final fall break at UVU so we thought that we needed to do something fun, rather than having Greg work full time on those days.

The ride down as one of the most enjoyable that we have ever made. We took the Jeep (despite high gas prices) so we would have more room and someone could be in the back with Olivia. We hooked up a TV and DVD player and Ibby watched movies and played with one of us the whole time. Ibby watched Peter Pan and The Lion King on the way down and loved them to death. She just laughed and sung to all of the music on the movies. It was hilarious.

St. George was beautiful. When we arrived on Wednesday afternoon is was 83 degrees and sunny! Much warmer than the 43 degrees that we had left 4 hours earlier. We were exited and ready to party! The fun began around 11:30 than night when Alex, McCall, Allison, Myken, Ellie, and Zoe arrived. Mom and Doug arrived the next day.

During the six days we were there, we did a lot of fun things, but mostly hung out and relaxed! We went shopping (of course), swam, captured a toad (named Frogger) and made him our house pet, ate out a lot (Wendys, Cafe Rio, Pizza Factory, Chillis, and Paulas), made many visits to to the Dollar Store (our new favorite store for buying worthless, but fun stuff), many visits to Nelsons Frozen Custard, and hiked around the narrows.

While there, we learned a few things about some of the members of our family that we didn't know before. We learned that Zoe is so excited now that she has someone smaller than her to boss around (Olivia). She was calling out orders non stop mostly telling Ibby to stop doing something or to tell her no. She would say, "NO Wibbies!" it was very cute.

We were originally going to come home Sunday night but decided to stay one more night and come home Monday afternoon. It was a great decision and we had a lot of fun that night and the next morning. As you can probably tell, we had an awesome trip! One that will be remembered for a long time.

Here we are at The Narrows. It was fun to just walk around and enjoy the nice weather.

Zoe and Ellie with Frogger!

Oh Boy! Just relaxing and being lazy.


Amy said...

Looks like tons of fun Kels. Funny that Zoe was bossing Ibby around, I think she is going to start with Mya too, funny! Cute pics

The Hansen's said...

Greg thanks for talking to me today. Good luck on the last 6 weeks of school! Let me know if I can help you with any info on Haymaker. I think that you should buy a single family home in Springville.

Lacey and Tyson said...

Oh my goodness that looks like so much fun. That looks like a way cool place. The girls are so hilarious.

Tim said...

Greg and Kelsey,

This is Tim Christensen, Danny's dad. I don't know if you have heard about Cory and Vicki's new baby or not. You can find more on his blog at to learn all about our new little granddaughter.

Also let Cindy and Tom know if you would.

Tim Christensen

Lindsey said...

I'm so jealous of all these fun trips you guys take down to St. George! You are livin it up!

Heather Kelley Pinegar said...

I miss St. George so much!! I would always get so excited when I would get to see your mom and Dougie!! And how much fun are Alex, McCall and Allison...seriously?!? I love those girls!!

Ryan and Breelyn Ehin said...

What a blast! That trip looks fabulous!