Sunday, September 28, 2008


I AM...
*I am....sitting on the couch with Greg counting down until Desperate Housewives starts! (Embarrassing, I know!)
*I think....Olivia's getting another tooth!
*I breath stinks right now (cause Greg just kindly informed me. How sad)
*I move into a house soon!
*I have....The funniest little girl ever!
*I miss.....Sleeping in. This a luxury you don't have once you have a child.
*I fear....we're going to live in "little mexico" forever.
*I feel...Hungry! I started Weight Watchers AGAIN about a week ago! (Hopefully I can last longer this time than I have in the past)
*I hear....The High School Musical cast singing a commercial on T.V.
*I crave....Cafe Rio pork salad. It's my new addiction.
*I cry....about everything. I'm such an emotional basketcase!
*I search...for sales and promo codes on the internet all the time lately.
*I wonder....if we will be able to afford a house when Greg graduates. (can you tell that this is about all I think about lately?)
*I regret....not traveling before we had Olivia. (Same as Myken)
*I wish....I lived in American Fork. I want to be closer to my family.
*I love....having such a close family. I have so many good memories of family.
*I care....way too much about what people think. I need to get over that fast.
*I too much. Sometimes I think Greg gets sick of hearing me, but bless his heart he would never tell me that. He just listens and responds like a good husband should.
*I worry....about the trials Olivia will have to face as she gets older. I can't imagine what things will be like in High School by the time she's that old.
*I am not....excited about going grocery shopping tomorrow.
*I remember....all of the fun times Lacey and I had in High School. We were inseparable, and we had a blast!
*I believe....that it's important to be a good example to Olivia. I want to teach her to be a good person.
*I sing....Jonas Brothers nonstop. How sad and embarrassing. Don't think less of me!
*I am not always....right, though I would like to be.
*I argue....with Greg about going to bed so early. He wants to turn in at like 9, and I'm ready to party!
*I write....reminders for myself on the calender. I wish I could say something more interesting.
*I lose....sleep when Olivia's getting a tooth. She wakes up in the middle of the night cause her mouth hurts!
*I music all the time. I love music!
*I don't we are going to live forever. That seems like a REALLY long time.
*I can usually be home, or at Nordstrom. I love that place. Don't worry, I'm not usually buying things, but I like to go in there and look around. A girl can dream, right?
*I need....exercise more. I need to be more positive about myself.
*I forget....everything. I'm quite forgetful.
*I am happy....being a mom. I love it. I'm also happy when I'm with my family.

I tag Lace, Goldie, and McCall


Amy said...

I loved this Kels, good job for doing it. It was good to see you the other night, and seriously Olivia is the cutest sweetest little babes ever. Sorry Mya is kind of at that, "MINE" stage. Heaven help me!!

Leesa Tripp Tracy said...

Hey Kels,
Its Leesa from Alpine Peds. I am such a blog stalker and found your blog thru Jamie Johnsons (my hair stylist) blog! You look SOOOO GOOD and your little girl is beyond adorable!!! I just started a blog and if you ever want to drop by for a visit the website is:! I am glad things are well with you! Take care! Love, Leesa

BriemTeam said...

Okay, I may think less of you for loving the Jonas Bros. but I guess I'll get over it. I'm glad you did the tag. I learned some things about you I didn't know. Love Ya!