Wednesday, August 20, 2008


This last weekend, the WHOLE Holmstead crew went to Pineview Reservoir in Ogden Canyon. We had so much fun! We jet skied, tubed, wakeboarded, ATE, and just hung out with the fam!
The first night, the power went off at around 5:30 and was out the rest of the night. It was a little inconvenient, but we still managed to have fun. We hung by the pool til it was too dark, then just hung out with the cousins, talked, and played cards.
The next day was our day at the lake. We had so much fun. Even Olivia got to go on the jet ski. Her face was quite concerned the whole time. We had to keep stoping to make sure she was still breathing (she always holds her breath when the wind is in her face)!
Myken, Greg, and I did the tube, and I still have bruises to prove it. It was a rough ride, and my swim bottoms will agree. I almost lost them countless times. That would've been just a little embarasing. When Myken drove, she was determined to get Greg off, and the nerd wouldn't let go of the dang tube! It was so funny. I was a little sore the next day, but it was still a blast.
Later, Greg and I decided to take the jet ski out and wakeboard. Unfortunately, the rope got sucked into the engine. Count on us to be the idiots to do that. We had to swim the jet ski to shore and cut the rope out. Don't worry, the jet ski still worked (thank heavens)!
We had so much fun! I always love our yearly getaways with the Holmsteads. We make so many fun memories.
I didn't do so well with getting pics, but here's what I got:

Kickin it in the hot tub with the kids! Olivia loved it! (Don't worry, it wasn't very hot)
Matt and Easton napping. Matt might be Olivia's favorite uncle now because when I would put her down for a nap, Matt would sneak in and rescue her if she was crying. He would either snuggle her until she fell asleep, or take her outside to play!
Greg's disgusting mustache that he grew for the trip. Thank heaven's it's gone now!


Anonymous said...

Cute pictures! Excuse me? The mustache is gone? JK I am not a huge fan of the molester look myself. :) And, a special thanks for the 3 hours you put into making the Cafe Rio rice for us!!!

Lacey said...

oh my your stache looks sweet. I bet you were loving that Kels. thanks so much you two for your help last night and keeping you eye out for us, its all quite the process.

lenseigne said...

Greg you have a wonderful family and it is good to see that everything is going well for you.


Amy said...

I know Jake gets the full lon Mexi stash during vacation, he knows I just hate it. Actually Greg doesn't look bad, but hey I won't tell him. Looks like lots of fun.