Saturday, June 14, 2008

Little Easton!

On Monday, my sister Marshelle had her 4th baby. He is the cutest little boy. He weighed 9 lbs. and was 18 inches long. He's a chubby little thing. He is such a blessing. We were so worried that he was going to have heart surgery right after he was born, but after much fasting and prayer he was born healthy and strong. He doesn't need any surgery. He is perfectly normal. He is such a testament of the power of fasting and prayer. What a miracle.

Easton and his proud uncle, Greg
How cute is this little guy?

While Marsh was at the Hospital, delivering Easton, Greg and I were able to watch her kids. Ellie and Zoe came too. We had so much fun. We played baseball, crazy golf, skateboarded, watched Tarzan, and jumped on the tramp. It was a fun, but exhausting day. I have a new respect for mothers with more than one child. It is a lot of work. I thought Olivia was a handful.
Cute cousins hanging out at Marsh's house!


Amy said...

He is absolutely precious and I'm so happy to hear that everything was ok. So I just saw Marsh on the front page of the paper today, hillarious and seriously who looks that pretty after just having a baby?

Hope you guys have such a good time in Cali, how fun for you all. BTW little Olivia looks darling with her cousins, what a big girl she is getting. Hang in there.

Ryan and Breelyn Ehin said...

oh my goodness he is a really pretty baby! I have seen A LOT of newborns working on a maternity floor and he is truly handsome!