Thursday, March 27, 2008

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! We had a wonderful Easter. On Saturday, we all went to South Town Mall and got a picture taken with the Easter Bunny!
On Sunday, we had a get together at my mom's house with the family. We had our annual Easter Egg hunt. Greg found $10 in his egg, and I found $2 in mine. I know what you're thinking, WE'RE RICH! Greg then gambled his money away in a game of Deal Or No Deal for a chance at $100! He walked away with $3! He had fun playing though, and it was fun to watch.

Here's Greg, the big winner, opening his egg!

We then played a little golf game to see who could get closest to a target. We ended up leaving with $0, but it's ok cause that's what we came with. It was fun to be with the family and the weather was gorgeous!
Check out that form!

On a side note, Ellie got a bunny for Easter. The poor thing doesn't stand a chance. She drags it around by it's leash and catches it by it's ears. She doesn't think that she's being mean to it though, so it's kinda funny. She loves the little thing!

Here's Payton, Zoe, and Ellie with her bunny!

How funny is this picture of Olivia chillin' with the bunny!?


It All Began...Once Upon A Lifetime said...

Oh My, did you seriously just have a baby? You look fantastic!!!!!! I love the picture of Ellie and the bunny, she is so funny and I can just see her dragging the little cottontail all over. She is one smart little girl, I wish you could all hear her answer questions in Primary; so smart. Myken and Matt are doing a wonderful job teaching her great gospel principles. Baby Olivia is beautiful, you are going to have to put her in hiding once she hits those beloved teenage years!
Love Ya

Anonymous said...

Picture with the Easter bunny? That is so funny!

Amy said...

I love the picture of Olivia with the bunny, what a keeper. Seriously she is a doll. It looks like you had a fun Easter the great Holmstead, (Berry) way, it's fun that you guys do the money in the egg hunt, good idea. Hang in there.

Lacey said...

How cute are all those pics. I love em' The one with Olivia and the bunny is so dang cute. Your party looked like a Blast! I'm sorry you didn't walk away with the jackpot. Hopefully next year you'll get the big bucks. You are looking great!!!
love ya